Lync Consulting

Lync is an Oral Health Profession consultancy business, with specific arms in employment agency, success coaching, mentoring and training. Lync was founded by Lyn Carman, a Dental Hygienist and Leadership Coach to support Oral Health Professionals create success  both personally and professionally.

When you work with Lyn you will see an incredible advocate for better oral health globally for all, working with individuals, teams, and businesses to create harmonious workplaces and delivering outstanding oral health care and education.

If you are looking for a connection who has been working in the dental profession for 30+ years you can’t go past Lyn. Experience includes, Registered Dental Hygienist graduating in 1986 -Practice Owner, Prime Practice Management Client and Patient Coordinator, Health care provider and Clinical Tutor.

With unique firsthand experience as both an employee and employer, becoming a business owner in 2008, as one of the first Hygienists in Australia to own dental practices and employ dentists and teams. The driving force for the business was to create a practice driven by passion for connecting oral health and general health.

Selling a practice meant either merging with two owners or practice consolidation, which involved bringing the team together, providing confidence to patients, economising equipment and consumables, with change management and aligning cultures of different practices.
Facilitator and professional speaker on the topics of Resilience – You are more resilient than you give yourself credit for!; Rural and Remote Opportunities and Workforce; Behavioural Profiles, Styles and Change; Hygiene Curious – How to Implement a Hygienist into your Practice: Your Ideal Day – How to Make it Happen; Clinical Reality; Body and Mouth Connection – Oral Health and Systemic Health; Leadership in Dental Practices; Values, Culture and Ethics.
Founder of Lync Consulting and the new service, Lync Squad a job matching agency for Oral Health Professionals in Australia, coach and mentor, team captain and matcher, meeting the workforce needs of the dental industry in Australia and developing countries.
Constantly inspired to give back to the profession and to enable others to be excited and passionate about their chosen path.
“What an amazing gift to be able to get up every morning and love what you do!”
Please feel free to get in touch email, phone and/or book in a time for a quick 15-minute chat: https://www.scheduleyou.in/XhjEbNk

Meet Lyn Carman

Meet Lyn Carman

A success coach for oral health professionals, a Dental Hygienist, a behavioural expert and recruitment agent across Australia.

Perhaps you feel you are doing the best you can with the resources you have in the moment. Realising your goals is about increasing awareness of the tools in your toolbox and seeking to understand what is often outside of your vision.

At times as an Oral Health Professional you, or someone you know, can feel lost or disillusioned with your career choice and perhaps even find yourself searching for opportunities in alternate arenas.   This can have  far reaching implications not only for you but also for the profession of Dentistry as a whole.   We all need to feel valued, connected and that we make a difference.  Understanding your value and defining what is important to you, supports you to create the career, business and life you love.  Going against what is naturally ‘right’  and good for you, is not only conflicting…its exhausting.  Imagine living a life that energises you!

I look forward to connecting with you and supporting you to live your dream!


Feedback & Reviews

“I would like to thank Lyn for how she has helped me understand myself a little more. I have often questioned why I react the way I do to certain stimuli when others couldn’t care less and why I have often felt like I am barely keeping my head above water when others seem to be doing water ballet.”

“Lyns coaching has enlightened me to a new way of thinking. She has taught me that there are no right or wrong answers or problems to solve, it is simply a journey to understand and respectfully acknowledge the learnt behaviours from the natural ones, and then to be present enough to determine how I want to continue living and moving forward.”

“I would highly recommend investing in coaching with Lyn. She has helped guide me through my journey by providing a natural, honest, safe and non-judgemental space to explore how past influences have contributed to my current reality. This knowledge has given me permission to be authentic and understand that when I make the choice to go against what is authentic for me I have to be responsible as it is now a conscious choice rather than a cause for resentment. I am still able to do the things that I know I might have to do in certain situations I just have a greater understanding of why they do or don’t sit well with me now and I get to make the choice rather than live on automatic pilot.”

Amanda Trenerry

Founder & CEO - NeoMorph Mouthguards


” I feel myself lucky to experience the Laser coaching session with Lyn. It was a new experience for me especially at that time when I was feeling uncertain about my future. My thoughts were driving towards negativity, stressing me out about job, family (had planned my overseas trip to see my parents after 4yrs which was cancelled due to pandemic) and overall sadness. Then I got the coaching with Lyn, sharing all these with her and the advice from her changed my outlook towards everything. My attitude towards life changed.. I started thinking more positively and overall believing in myself.  Thanks Lyn once again”

Ritu Singh

Dental Hygienist

Ritu singh

” I was able to have some coaching sessions with Lyn Carman in an over the phone setting. This was a comfortable medium to delve into some of the habits which we gain, but no longer serve us. Lyn is not a traditional coach as she will point out, and she manages to tap into long held beliefs and help you see how they may be getting in your way.  I found the sessions enlightening and helpful to drive my decisions for my future and improve upon my current performance.  Thank you Lyn”


Dental Hygienist

“Once I experienced coaching with Lyn I felt more empowered to make some changes in my life that I had been wanting to make for some time. Lyn’s gentle encouragement was very comforting during a time when  I was feeling very vulnerable, I thank her very much for that. I would highly recommend having coaching with Lyn.”

Cathy Davis

Dental Hygienist